CAE offers two key adult programs centered around body-based approaches to empower individuals through self-defense, and help individuals respond when witnessing violence or harassment.

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Empowerment Self-Defense

CAE offers one-time** workshops and five-week empowerment self-defense training for women, people who are LGBTQ, and all transgender and non-conforming people across the spectrum. All programs are sensitive to the needs of survivors, and some trainings are held for particular communities, such as our LGBTQ people of color self-defense workshop. Five-week workshops are held four times a year at CAE’s Brooklyn Center and one-time workshops are offered in all five boroughs by request to community centers, social service organizations, domestic violence centers, workplaces, in neighborhood groups and more. Workshop participants learn a range of physical, verbal and emotional techniques, prevention strategies, and skills that include de-escalation and boundary setting.

Paper forms are available for registration upon request; please e-mail or call our office at 718-788-1775

UpStander Workshops 

Bystander-intervention trainings are offered citywide by request to schools, organizations, workplaces, neighborhood groups and more. Workshops are geared to a whole range of New Yorkers seeking to stand up and speak out or intervene in support of strangers as well as those they know when any form of intolerance is taking place. Upstanders learn basic self-defense concepts to keep themselves safe when they are standing up for others, they explore what it means to be an ally in a range of situations, learn de-escalation techniques, and how to support those targeted or at risk in empowering ways.

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