CAE works throughout NYC with nearly 70 community-based organizations to provide empowerment Self-Defense and Upstander programs to staff and participants alike. Partner organizations include pride centers, homeless services and shelters for LGBQ and TGNC youth, organizations supporting survivors of domestic violence, trafficking and relationship abuse, faith-based organizations, public libraries, neighborhood groups and more. Learn about our community based work below and reach out to request a workshop. Most NYC nonprofits qualify for CAE’s free programming.

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CAE partners with pride centers, LGBTQ homeless services shelters and drop-in centers, and social service organizations specifically serving LGBTQ youth to provide young people, ages 15 - 24, who are LGBQ and/or TGNC with empowerment self-defense training.

Programs to support Staff in better work with their youth to promote anti-violence working with their youth. Youth Graduates of empowerment Self-defense are eligible to apply to the Pride Protector’s Internship program, the social justice activist arm of this program.

For Staff of Community-Based Organizations

CAE provides one-time empowerment self defense and Upstander workshops to staff to help them better support their clients and participants - in de-escalating violence, building healthy relationships, setting boundaries, and carrying out safe and effective bystander intervention strategies.


Upstander Coalition

The goal is to build a sanctuary from violence, strengthen our resistance, pool resources.  We meet bi-monthly, and develop curricula that addresses critical issues of violence in an intersectional way. Curricula that supports communities at risk, as well as those who want to learn how to be effective allies. Bringing in multiple and diverse perspectives so that we can continue to adapt and evolve our curricula to the changing social and political pressures.  A final purpose of this Coalition is to support nonprofit leaders on the front lines to build resilience for this work - see more partnerships.

One Time Self Defense and UpStander Workshops

For participants or staff, for people who identify as girls or women, trans, or Gender nonconforming, and who may also identify as part of a community at particular risk - LGBQ, Muslim, Immigrant, Black, differently abled, Jewish or other targeted religious group.

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