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CAE’s programs focus on women, girls and LGBTQ communities, with a special sensitivity to the needs of survivors. Participants build the skills and strength to heal from, prevent, and counter violence. We do this work to actively create a peaceful, just, and equitable world.

For over 41 years, our work has been driven by a strong set of core values.

  • Building the voices of women, LGBTQ communities, and youth is our foundation.
  • We are multi-cultural and anti-racist.
  • LGBTQ issues are central to our work.
  • We welcome transgender and gender-non-conforming individuals.
  • Our programs are uniquely sensitive to the needs of survivors.
  • Our youth programs are dynamic.
  • Our programs are economically accessible.
  • We promote the leadership of all participants.
  • Our programs impact people throughout New York City and nationwide.
  • We are a community.

You can read more about our philosophy here.