CAE works within schools and colleges throughout NYC to deliver specially designed Empowerment Self-Defense programs and UpStander Training. We will work with school administrators and faculty on workshops around timely violence prevention topics and other specialized trainings and workshops.

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CAE currently works with three middle schools in Brooklyn and one school in Queens to provide multi-week empowerment self-defense programs for youth who identify as girls and all transgender and gender non-conforming youth across the spectrum. These programs are designed to prevent and interrupt sexual, gender, relationship and hate violence and are tailored to each school’s priorities. CAE’s Instructors and Peer Educators (high school-aged program graduates) build inclusive, empowering environments where students learn physical, verbal and emotional self-defense techniques and explore topics ranging from bullying to harassment, assault, abuse, rape, trafficking and more. Students graduate with tools that include boundary setting, de-escalation techniques, understanding healthy relationships, identifying risk factors and learning where to ask for help.



Middle Schools and High Schools can request one-time workshops or assemblies taught by CAE’s High School Peer Educators around empowerment self-defense topics that include physical, verbal and emotional self-defense techniques and topics that include consent or healthy relationships.

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Middle schools and High Schools can request one-time workshops or assemblies taught by CAE’s High School Peer Educators that teach active bystander intervention techniques.  Upstander Trainings teach pre-teens and teens to speak or act in support of strangers as well as those they know, when bullying, harassment or any form of intolerance is taking place. Upstanders learn basic self-defense concepts to keep themselves safe when they are standing up for others, they explore what it means to be an ally in a range of situations, learn de-escalation techniques, and how to support those targeted or at risk in empowering ways.


Student groups or administrators can request one-time Upstander and Self-Defense training programs. Similar to what we offer to schools in the NYC Department of Education, but these workshops are only taught by adult instructors and the curriculum is curated to relate to college-age students and/or administrators working in a college setting.

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